In a quiet location, but a stone's throw from the most famous resorts

Longiarù, a strategic location in Val Badia

 At Agriturismo Tlisöra, the mountains are the stars. Imposing and solitary, they provide the backdrop. All around, expanses of meadows and fields that seem endless. And the typical Ladin architecture that fits harmoniously into the Dolomite landscape. This is Longiarù, a village in Val Badia, not far from renowned centres such as Corvara and San Vigilio di Marebbe. A stone's throw from Plan de Corones, and yet so authentic and in tune with the local ecosystem. A place where past and present speak to each other, linked by a red thread that unites tradition, modernity and the drive towards a sustainable future. Here you can experience strong emotions. We await you.

The viles, the old mills, the museum: history and nature

Longiarù, cradle of Ladin culture

History, tradition, modernity, memory, future. In Longiarù, in Val Badia, the amalgamation of these elements can be felt at every glance. This village, in fact, boasts some of the best-known viles in the entire Ladin region. These are very old rural settlements, real groups of compact houses, where mountain farming and herding are practised, marked by a spirit of cooperation and respect for nature. The one taught to their grandparents by their grandparents. Rhythms marked by nature and the wisdom of the indigenous people, accumulated over the centuries. Equally unmissable is the excursion to the Valle dei Mulini, 9 water-powered mills, some of which are still operating. Particularly noteworthy are those of Miscì and Seres. Pearls that you will only find in Longiarù.

South Tyrolean style, silence and tranquillity: perfect holiday

Longiarù, a bridge between tradition and a push towards the future

The village of Longiarù has a very strong identity, based on its simplicity. Traditional-style architecture, strong ties of its inhabitants with the land, tranquillity guaranteed by its strategic position off the classic routes of mass tourism. But, at the same time, close to traditional destinations such as San Vigilio di Marebbe, Alta Badia, Plan de Corones and Val Pusteria. Perfect for total immersion in the magical atmosphere of the Pale Mountains. But also for more mundane digressions that will diversify your holiday in the Dolomites.

Sustainability and respect for the mountains, core values

Longiarù, mountaineering village

Located in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, Longiarù boasts the title of Mountaineers' Village. It might seem like a given, but it is not. In fact, there is only one other village in South Tyrol that claims this title, where harmony with the ecosystem and respect for its delicate balance are absolute priorities. Under the banner of 'less is more', the aim in Longiarù is to fully experience the relationship with the mountain, without altering its original characteristics. For our guests of the Agriturismo Tlisöra this is a unique opportunity to enjoy a holiday in which you can savour the authentic, intimate link between Longiarù and the Dolomites, perpetuated by traditions and customs that must be preserved.
Longiarù - San Martino in Badia

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